HRIC overview on Legislative Decree 231/2001 and its implications in relation to B&HR

Among the planned measures of the Italian NAP on Business and Human Rights, there is the commitment to “conduct a comprehensive study of the Law 231/2001 in order to evaluate potential extension of the scope and application of the administrative liability of legal entities". Maria Francesca Cucchiara and Giacomo Maria Cremonesi from HRIC provided an overview on the Law and its eventual implications in relation to B&HR violations. #Corporateliability

The Italian legal framework against labour exploitation: a legal assessment by ASGI and HRIC

The adoption of specific measures for tackling "caporalato" and any form of exploitation, forced labour, children labour, slavery, and irregular work, with a particular reference to migrants and modern slaves, has been considered a national priority by the Italian National Action Plan on Business and Human Rights. In order to better clarify the current legal framework on the topic and its deficiencies, ASGI and HRIC provided a briefing, assessing in particular those regulatory measures that specifically target undocumented migrants being subject to labour exploitation. The document has been written by Maria Francesca Cucchiara (HRIC) and Anna Baracchi (ASGI) and edited by Paola Cavanna with

OHCHR reply to BankTrack request on UNGPs' interpretation

The OHCHR has recently provided a response to the BankTrack request for interpreting the UNGPs in the context of the baning sector. The questions arose from BankTrack followed the Discussion Paper published by the Thun Group in January 2017 and the related concerns released by some CSOs (including BankTrack), the UN Working Group on Business and Human Rights and prof. Ruggie. #BanksHumanRights #OHCHR

EU Commission released Guidelines on Non-Financial Reporting

The EU Commission has recently published a communication including some Guidelines aimed at improving the EU-based companies' compliance with the provisions of the EU Directive on Non-Financial Reporting. The Guide provides some useful recommendations to companies, especially in terms of disclosure of information and materiality. ECCJ, WWF European Policy Office and Amnesty International have also published a preliminary Statement on the Guidelines, welcoming this helpful tool for EU companies. #NonFinancialReporting #EUCommission