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Decree 231/2001 & Compliance


According to the Italian law on "administrative liability of legal entities", introduced by Legislative Decree n. 231 of 8 June 2001, legal entities might be held liable for unlawful acts related to criminal offences committed in their interest or for their benefit and consequently be condemned to pay high fines.


Legal entities might avoid such liability - eventually excluding or reducing the related fine - only if they prove that they adopted and effectively enacted an Organisational and Management Model.


Adopting and implementing an adequate Model helps companies to manage the risk of committing crimes, increasing at the same time their reputation and business competitiveness, and, as far as the Model is effectively enacted, it also represents a positive tool in the developing of a more accountable and democratic society.


HRIC professionals provide companies and other legal entities with specialized assistance during the drafting and implementation processes, involving:

  • the identification of the business activities which may entail the risk of committing crimes (so-called "risk analysis");

  • the drafting and the adoption of specific Organisational and Management Models and related Codes of Conduct;

  • the appointment of a Supervisory Body, overseeing the implementation and the updating of the Model.


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