HRIC is committed to promoting and ensuring human rights protection at all levels, through the organization of workshops, conferences, training and information activities. HRIC also conducts surveys, researches and feasibility studies thus published in reviews, journals and reports. HRIC takes part in lobbying and advocacy activities at national, European and international level.

HRIC works and collaborates with other national and international associations and CSOs sharing its same values and objectives. We even assist private individuals, companies and non-profit organisations providing support and judicial assistance before national and international courts. In particular, HRIC engages in strategic litigation and support or represent individuals who have suffered Human Rights violations before national and international courts and bodies - such as the European Court of Human Rights - and non-judicial mechanisms, such as the OECD National Contact Points.

We protect your Human Rights

Access to justice

Equal treatment & non-discrimination

Freedom of movement

Freedom of religion

Right to a healthy environment

Right to a fair trial

Right to private & family life