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Benetton's Commitment to Human Rights and Sustainability - HRIC Intern Project

As an HRIC intern during Spring 2023 at Temple University, Rome Campus, Daniela Valdez Ortiz learned how companies can work to ensure their activities are not violating the human rights of their workers. She first got interested in the issues related to the garment sector and human rights violations after learning about them in an environmental studies class. She believes people must be aware of these issues because the garment sector should be held responsible for its failures, and people can help create the change that needs to happen.

She researched and analyzed Benetton because it is an Italian brand known worldwide. They have been involved in horrible events like the Rana Plaza collapse, so it is essential to see how they work to protect their workers. The primary tool they use to do this is their Code of Conduct. Benetton does not have a human rights policy. Writing one would show that they are truly committed to respecting and ensuring the rights of their workers. More brands should be committed to sustainability efforts and improving labor conditions. She also researched non-profit organizations that fight to promote human rights in the garment sector and push brands to have better policies.

Daniela's Internship Project is available

Internship Project
Download PDF • 5.63MB


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